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This is the 1973 DeTomaso Pantera that I've owned for a while now, and have replaced the motor a non-zero number of times. Thanks to the help of my friends Bill, John and Bruce, it's now running a 351 Windsor motor instead of the original Cleveland block. Throughout the course of the build, we documented the progress and afterward I wrote up a summary of the motor rebuilding project including all that we learned about the Cleveland to Windsor swap.

I'm constantly thinking of things to work on or replace, but I'm always limited by time and/or money. Both, really. Now that I'm in Northern California, I expect to drive it more often than I did back in New England.

The wing is currently: ON OFF

Planned projects for the Pantera:

  • Upgrade the brakes
  • Update the headlights to remove the pop-up assembly and go with some xenon fixed setup.

Current projects for the Pantera:

Power window conversion

Seems like these are the correct parts for the driver's side and passenger's side.

Successfully completed projects for the Pantera:

November 2006: Headlight relay

November 2006: High pressure water tank replacement

  • Not hard, just messy.

October 2006: Replaced headlight motor

  • Had to cannibalize the passenger side power window to get the motor and gear. I intend to convert the power window motors to Aerostar motors, so this won't be a long term problem.

April 1998 - March 1999: Engine rebuild

January 1998: Radiator fan upgrade

  • Replaced stock dual fans with a single 14" puller fan

Way future projects

  • Convert the Pantera to an electric vehicle. I'm totally not kidding, although it's not going to happen anytime soon as I'd like to have a reasonable range that will probably take some battery technology improvements given the limited amount of space in the car to put said batteries.
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